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Who We Are

Galaxy Holding, a real estate investment and development firm based in Beverly Hills. Since 1979, we have developed, converted, and acquired commercial and multi-family properties throughout California and the Western United States. 


Under Raffi Cohen’s guidance, Galaxy builds only the highest quality projects for our clients and partners. Together, we preserve the past, celebrate the present, and embrace the future.

What We Do

As a dedicated principal investment organization, Galaxy maintains a reputation for utilizing entrepreneurial investment and development strategies.


Galaxy has the experience and resources to execute complex real estate transactions including direct equity investments in real property, debt investments secured by real estate, and privately-placed real estate securities and joint ventures across product, geographic, and industry boundaries.

Galaxy Holding is a conduit for quality asset management. In the last 45+ years, the company has emerged as one of the most active and successful investors and developers in Southern California’s real estate market.


We strive for continuous improvement of our position as a leader within the real estate community. This is accomplished with the dedication of each team member to perform beyond expectations within all aspects of real estate investment. Galaxy emphasizes teamwork, local market knowledge, productivity, and most importantly personal integrity. By applying these principles to each investment, we achieve success and sustainable projects in our communities.


Our team possesses the capabilities to both actively reposition real estate assets and exploit financial market inefficiencies on a national basis to enhance equity returns.


The size of Galaxy’s investments varies depending on the opportunity and market conditions. Galaxy generally seeks core real estate investment opportunities with a minimum size of $20 million. Galaxy does look to purchase core-plus and value-added assets if market conditions and variables are conducive to provide the necessary risk-adjusted return. Galaxy may consider smaller investments that provide opportunities in a new market, solidify a bond with an existing partner, or enhance an existing portfolio.

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